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Bay Venues is proud to be part of the local community and we recognise the importance of giving back. We are able to provide in-kind sponsorship in the form of entry to our aquatic facilities and 7-day passes to our Clubfit gyms. We also offer discounts to not-for-profit groups who utilise our Mercury Arena venue.

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Before applying please read our Sponsorship Policy & Guidelines below.

Sponsorship Policy

As a community-focused organisation, Bay Venues recognises that we can help local not-for-profit organisations, schools, kindergartens, and community improvement groups achieve their objectives and goals via the sponsorship of entry tickets to our venues – with these tickets then being used for prizes or as incentives/giveaways. As such, sponsored tickets are being made available to be used as fundraisers; they are not to be used as discounted entry to our facilities. As such, tickets cannot be used en masse by one group for gaining entry to a facility.

To optimise sponsorship, it is important that we manage the process in a controlled manner so that as many organisations as possible can benefit. Hence the creation of this policy and application process.

Our objective via sponsorship is to support activity that directly benefits Tauranga Moana and Western Bay of Plenty communities, and to encourage long-term relationships with these communities. In general, we do not support “out of region” organisations or events.

Sponsorship Guidelines

  1. In-kind sponsorship via entry tickets to our aquatic facilities and 7 day passes to our Clubfit gyms are available; but please note that no cash sponsorships will be made.

  2. Tickets cannot be used to discount entry fees (i.e., a team cannot use tickets to get discounted entry into our facilities). The intention of the sponsorship is that the tickets will be used as prizes as auctions, fund raisers or other events of this nature.

  3. We prefer to support as many community groups and organisations as we possibly can, and therefore limits apply for any sponsorship request. The maximum number of entry tickets we will give in any one application is five unless there are extenuating circumstances.

  4. Applications from community groups are welcome, but please note that we generally don’t support individuals or families, discounts for class trips or discounts for individual sports teams.  Neither do we support political organisations, research funding, or commercial entities.

  5. All applications for donations and sponsorship must be made in writing using the form below.  This is the only form of application we will accept.

  6. The request must be made at least one month prior to any event that the sponsorship/support relates to.

  7. The request will only be viewed during normal office hours. Please allow up to five working days for your request to be processed and a response to be made to you (the response will always be in writing).

  8. While not mandatory, we do ask you to acknowledge our support by including our logo in any public announcements, newsletters, event marketing collateral and advertising, etc. Applicable logos will be supplied to you with notification of your successful sponsorship application.

  9. Organisations may not apply more than once in a calendar year. Once sponsorship has been agreed, it may not be increased or used for other than the intended purpose.

  10. Any complimentary tickets or passes not used for their intended purpose should be returned to Bay Venues Limited.

  11. No Bay Venues Limited staff member or representative of the sponsorship recipient organisation shall receive a personal benefit from a sponsorship, except where that benefit is no different to the benefit available to any other member of the public.

  12. Bay Venues reserves the right to publish details of our sponsorship on this website.